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Zhang Meiyun Develops Paper That Is Harder Than Steel.
Apr 13, 2018

In China, when it comes to making paper, no one knows CAI lun.

At shaanxi university of science and technology, when it comes to paper making, no one knows zhang meiyun.

She made out of paper is a rare "specialty paper," one of these applications in aerospace, rail transportation in China and other major projects in the field of specialty paper, larger than ordinary steel strength, light weight, good insulation and high temperature resistance and other characteristics, its successful development, broke through the worldwide problem, broke the international technical monopoly, reversed the situation of our country had been for a long time on this kind of material.

In January 2018, zhang meiyun was awarded the second prize of national science and technology progress as the first completed adult project of "common key technology and application of high-performance fiber paper base functional materials".

Three - foot platform to cultivate the first class of specialty.

Zhang meiyun, like her name, wen wan, beautiful, even now when she is the age of grandmother, is still the old "goddess" in everyone's eyes.

Born in September 1957 in yan 'an, shaanxi, zhang meiyun is the first batch of college students after the college entrance examination.

In February 1978, she was admitted to the northwest institute of light industry (later renamed shaanxi university of science and technology).

In 1982, when zhang meiyun graduated, there was a huge demand for talents in all walks of life, especially in science and technology.

At that time, college students were assigned to work by the state. According to the conditions at that time, she could be assigned to big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

However, in the face of her Alma mater's retention and her love of paper work, she chose to stay in school.

In the 1990s, influenced by the tide of market economy, many teachers chose to go abroad or go to sea.

Zhang meiyun also hesitated.

What impressed her most was in 1998, a joint venture company hired her to hundreds of thousands of annual salary for the research and development center, director of the thought of teaching more than ten years are still relatively poor, she has other options, but on second thought of school leaders for their trust and esteem, and around the group of students aspire to success, she didn't want to disappoint, also loathe to give up, eventually stay in today.

She tried to formulate teaching, in view of the theory and engineering "paper" the core curriculum content, wide range of features, on the teaching contents for the optimization of system integration, bold eliminate outdated and backward teaching content, timely increase reflects the latest paper making technology and the content of the scientific and technological achievements, stimulated the students' interest in learning, improves the attraction of the course.

By her editor and revision of the paper and specialty paper processing and other state-level professional for teaching, not only is China's earliest specialty paper book, also referred to as the national light industry college teaching material widely used, are welcome.

Mei-yun zhang, meanwhile, to reform the teaching methods and explore actively, through her and the efforts of the team, "paper principle and engineering" as provincial excellent courses, light chemical engineering specialty in shaanxi province to become the first brand, also was named the national first class features.

The project of "innovation education mode construction and practice" of "teaching oriented local institutions of higher learning" has won the second prize of national teaching achievement and the first prize of shaanxi teaching achievement.

The combination of industry-university-research aims to solve the problem of production practice.

"The value of science should be reflected in the practice of production. Science and technology workers should step out of campus and integrate into society, solve problems in production practice and contribute more to economic construction."

This is the scientific concept of zhang meiyun.

She adhered to the combination of industry-university-research and actively solved the problems of production technology, especially in the fields of high performance special paper manufacturing, straw free and high-value utilization, etc.

Some scientific research achievements have reached the international advanced level, and some products have realized the reuse of waste resources.

Zhang meiyun always pays attention to scientific research and technology promotion.

She worked hard to develop in-depth cooperation with scientific research institutions and enterprises, and promptly turned science and technology into productive forces.

At present, many of the scientific achievements she has completed have been successfully transformed.

Among them, the new type of high-grade fruit bag paper technology, not only to fill the domestic blank, also a large number of promotion in shanxi, hebei, shanxi and other places, further promoted the bagging technology is widely used in domestic, to improve the quality of apple in China has a positive effect, has obtained the remarkable economic benefits.

For workaholic zhang meiyun, working overtime is a regular occurrence.

When she was young, she suffered from severe lumbar spondylosis, and it was difficult to straighten up when she had to bend down for a period of time. She needed help from others to complete it.

One day in 2002, she suddenly lost her vision in the right eye and was diagnosed with a central retinal artery occlusion.

After two months of treatment, zhang meiyun, who is still not fully recovered, rushed to the scientific research work despite the advice of doctors and family members.

Zhang meiyun's achievements have been widely recognized, her efforts are more obvious.

In 2012, she was promoted to be the President of a university.

When she asked for my advice, she declined.

A 985 high school in guangzhou hired her to be the director of the national key laboratory. She was reluctant to leave her Alma mater and declined again.

Many people don't understand this. Some people laugh at her. Others say she has no brain.

"Shaanxi is my root, my Alma mater is my home, making paper is my love, I want to establish a foothold in my Alma mater, take root in the scientific research line, dedicate my all to the paper industry!"

That's her answer.

As a leader in the domestic field of specialty paper, doctoral tutor, vice director of China's papermaking, shaanxi provincial key areas such as top talent title mei-yun zhang, has a low profile in life like a "invisible man", that journalists rarely search on the Internet to the news about her.

To this, zhang meiyun explains: "the person that does scientific research, want to be like huang big year, can withstand the loneliness, resist the temptation, guard to live in poverty, still be indifferent to fame and wealth, low-key and pragmatic not make public."

A single flower is not a spring, try to cultivate more "CAI lun"

In May 2015, zhang meiyun's shaanxi university of science and technology became a pilot unit for the reform of the system of leading cadres.

By this time, the vice principal had been working hard and was suddenly relieved of her administrative duties.

This may be a cold water for many.

However, zhang happily accepted the organization's arrangement, "this can be more focused on scientific research."

Zhang meiyun, like a student, restores her schoolbag into the classroom to "charge", and spends night and day in the laboratory and library.

In September 2015, she won the second "China paper CAI lun science and technology award".

In June 2016, she was awarded as "national excellent science and technology worker";

In December, she won the first prize in technical invention of the ministry of education.

In just over two years, a lot of gold MEDALS followed.

Especially in 2017, zhang, clouds and her team won four national landmark achievement, for shaanxi university of science and technology to achieve the multiple zero breakthrough: a high performance hosted by her preparation technology and application of specialty paper, won the "national scientific and technological progress second prize";

He became the chief scientist of the national "13th five year" key research and development program, and was awarded the national plan teaching master.

The team led by zhang meiyun was selected to be the first batch of "national college students of the yellow and large year".

A single flower does not make a spring.

In order to foster more high-quality paper talent, mei-yun zhang successively introduced the zhejiang university, sichuan university, northwestern polytechnical university and other colleges and universities related to outstanding students, build up a high level of scientific research team, and through to the old ways, such as new, professional complementary to enhance scientific and technological innovation ability.

After she cultivate a batch of scientific research backbone, have played an important role in teaching and scientific research, including 4 abnormality is promoted to associate professor, 3 abnormality is promoted to professor, 8 presided over by the national natural science fund project, 3 people respectively in shaanxi province science and technology innovation talents, technology nova and Chinese papermaking CAI lun youth science, etc.

On January 8, 2018, at the national science and technology awards conference, zhang meiyun won the second prize of national science and technology progress, and was warmly received by general secretary xi jinping.

For her, it was the glory of her life.

"Spread knowledge on the stage of three feet, with the light of the light of the heart of the scientific research, the world's problems before dare to climb the peak, small body after the other feelings."

From the beginning of college contact with papermaking, to the development of high-performance special paper used in rail transportation and aerospace, zhang meiyun's persistence is 40 years.

In the past 40 years, she has made great contributions to the development of China's special paper field in the ordinary teaching and research posts, and is the worthy "contemporary CAI lun".

The most precious youth, the most beautiful youth without reservation to the papermaking enterprise, mei-yun zhang told reporters that in the future she will, as always, stick to the papermaking areas, strive to cultivate a more "thin", for our country to make greater contributions to the development of specialty paper industry.

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