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Who Is Operating The Scrap Paper Price.
Mar 21, 2018

Waste paper market early abnormal rising prices, into the middle of march, there is no sign of the overall decline, although this week record-keeping gradually recover, but still a dim future market, do not know to where.
Faced with such a chaotic market, everyone wants to ask who is influencing the recycling market.
At the same time, you want to know, what is the future price of paper?
Status quo: abnormal, volatile, not normal.
The current market situation, everyone feels the same, is a word "chaos".
The main reasons are as follows:
First of all, after the Spring Festival, the market price rises after half a month, too abnormal!
According to the old friend who has been engaged in waste paper recycling for many years: in the past few years, the price of waste paper is basically stable after the Spring Festival, and there will be no sharp increase in prices.
But this year is not the same, since the Spring Festival, China's waste paper recycling prices have been rising for half a month.
"The market is so abnormal that the prices of waste paper are falling at this time of year," said one securities analyst.
In other words, the waste paper recycling market in China is abnormal since the Spring Festival, and the abnormal market behavior directly affects the shipping and inventory of the packaging station.
Part of the package stand the boss said, after the Spring Festival market prices generally, basic is part of the package stand clear inventory, price of the main reason is that since November last year has been unstable, dare not to expect too much of too price.
The result is that some of the paper mills in the middle of march are basically full.
Secondly, the market volatility, the specific reasons are complex and changeable.
In mid-march, waste paper prices since the north, appeared the week-long national record-keeping, according to the actual market research, the main reason is that paper factory inventory is higher, the north began to environmental supervision, two conferences, environmental protection, such as focus on many factors that lead to worse.
But which is the dominant factor?
What to do about it?
We investigate waste paper packaging station, paper factory, supplier and other industrial chain practitioners, all parties in the market present a sense of loss.
For the packaging station, due to the weak market voice, the capital turnover pressure, in the shipment and inventory selection are not too big gamble.
According to the current volatile market trend, deeply frustrated.
For paper mills, environmental policy is the real hatchet.
Part of sewage management, waste limited, and many other factors, the paper factory production direct impact, while the waste enough to fill the gap, but to ensure that the pulp than normal, the demand for wood pulp direct costs.
The supplier's dilemma is the supply adjustment, in which the risk of suppliers becomes diversified in volatile market fluctuations.
The future: rising voices is a policy plus but not secure.
In the present chaotic market situation, the search for the development of the packaging station is faced with a great market disturbance.
The main problem is the lack of market security.
In short, everyone feels unstable.
From the point of the external environment, everybody has been firmly believe that the future has a vast market of renewable resources recovery industry, not only can bring extremely lucrative profit returns to practitioners, and to the social environment is extremely advantageous, sustainable development.
For the simplest case, on March 19, huatai, chenming, springs, sun Lin, silver pigeon paper series of price increases, said in late march and early April, an increase in the price of the finished paper, some media believes that this will bring certain price for upstream paper space.
Over the same period, some paper companies have gradually raised the prices of waste paper since March 19, and the market seems to be recovering.
During this period, policy on environmental protection is also increasingly apparent, such as no longer retention of environmental protection, ecological environment, to form a banned the import of the garbage and other major topic fraught is brought by China's environmental policy.
In these topics, we can see our attention to the environmental protection has never decreased, in which the key paper industry see waste problem, since February 2018, our country in less than a month's time, shandong and zhejiang has been successively imported waste paper inspection of four unqualified event, the total traffic volume has more than 6000 tons.
How will the next market fill the gap?
The market prospect of the two key points of state waste and wood pulp can be felt.
The question is, do we have enough confidence that the market will move in the direction the industry expects?
How can the packaging station be consistent with national policy?
Nobody knows!
Why is that?
Industry people doubt the stability of the market!
As the beginning of the article says, the packaging station boss can't believe that the market will be stable, especially based on the volatility of the market in the last half year, and the psychological security of practitioners has increased significantly.
Everyone is convinced that the renewable energy industry is a huge blue sea, and it has great market opportunities, but its volatility makes the practitioners tired.

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