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What Are The Advantages Of Using Paper Display Stand?
Jan 25, 2018

1, green: paper display stand is a green product, discarded paper display stand can be reused recycling recycling, international trends, import and export exemption, simplification, cosmetics are also the pursuit of green, harmony between man and nature philosophy , So the use of paper cosmetics display conforms to the needs of the development of the times.

2, high quality and low price: the value of paper display stand and similar metal display rack, wooden display rack, plexiglass display rack compared to its role and show the same or better, and can be used in conjunction with other organic materials , But the price is far below the similar material products.

3, flexible personality: With the trend of cosmetic updates to speed up, loading their tools are also updated. Then the flexibility of paper display stand and personality characteristics, can be tailored to the product, ever-changing ride flexible, with clever. Can also be in the technical permission, the development of puzzle, create new style cosmetics, freedom and strong.

4, advertising: Paper display stand advertising value. If marketing is a language art! Then use the media to spread the message, that is the visual arts! The most intuitive medium for visual communication to consumers is the POP advertising tool - a paper display stand. The surface of the paper display can be designed in line with cosmetics copyrights and advertising slogans, printed on the paper display stand looks beautiful, highlight the charm of cosmetics, play a bee target, that is, POP advertising effectiveness. The publicity of the paper display stand can be made in the terminal cosmetics brand, improve corporate image, and to create high sales.

5, quick and easy: Cosmetics need to do when the terminal display, in the choice of similar display equipment, paper display stand the smallest, lightest, detachable folding, can be a complete set of paper rack installed in the same box, to ensure that stores Easy installation. In the cargo, it has an unparalleled advantage of the carton paper box Founder standard packing boxes, to maximize the use of space, will not result in waste of space, reduce logistics costs and reduce the cosmetic caused by irregular collisions Injury, to ensure the integrity of each product, aesthetics, not to mention storage, should be placed easy to move.

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