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The United States Hopes To Reopen The Door To Foreign Trash Through A Trade War.
Mar 28, 2018

On March 23, U.S. officials expressed concern about China's suspension of receiving foreign garbage and asked the Chinese side to stop implementing the measures.

On March 26, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson hua chunying criticized the us version of the "shanggang launch", which is very hypocritical, and concerns "the lack of understanding between the two countries and the lack of evidence in the law".

The us officials said that China's restrictions on the import of goods that could be used to seriously disrupt the supply chain of global waste materials were not conducive to the reuse and disposal of waste materials.

The United States recognizes China's environmental concerns, but China has changed its rules too quickly to make timely adjustments.

China appears to be violating WTO obligations by discriminating against domestic and foreign waste industries and adopting excessive trade rules and trade restrictions.

HuaChunYing said, promote the reform of solid waste import management system is a new development concept, the Chinese government to carry out to improve the quality of the ecological environment, safeguard national ecological safety, and a major move of people's health.

This is also the right that the Chinese government enjoys under international law and is firmly supported by the Chinese people.

Hua said that the U.S. official put China's legitimate and legitimate actions on the line, saying that what China "seems to be" violating wto obligations is very false.

"Is it illegal for the us to restrict the export of high-technology, high-value-added products to China?"

According to HuaChunYing, in fact, in the eighty s, the control over transboundary movement of hazardous wastes in the Basel convention is fully confirmed, countries have the right to prohibit foreign hazardous waste and other waste into its territory.

The convention also stipulates that states have an obligation to reduce and dispose of their hazardous wastes and other wastes nearby.

She expressed the hope that the United States, according to the spirit of the convention is based on deweighting and digest their hazardous waste and other waste, more for the world shall bear the responsibility and obligation.

Customs has launched "blue sky 2018" to combat foreign garbage.

On March 6, the general administration of customs, in March this year to December, the national customs crackdown "foreign garbage" smuggling "blue sky" 2018 special operation has been started, will highlight to crack down on smuggling countries banned the import of waste.

The general administration of customs has deployed this operation to combat the illegal activities of smuggling "foreign garbage" through the maritime and land border crossings, with the purpose of cracking down on the false reports and concealing the names of the products and hiding them.

For strictly from solid was nearly full implementation of the ban on imports of foreign garbage entry promote the solid waste management system reform implementation plan ", highlight the anti-smuggling special action of countries banned the import of waste, main is listed in the catalogue of banned the import of solid waste, waste, namely the new adjustment listed in the catalog of banned the import of solid waste of 4 class 24 kinds of solid wastes, mainly involving the life source of waste plastics (8 varieties), without sorting waste paper (1 species), textile materials (11 species), vanadium slag (4).

Customs spokesman guang-zhi zhang said that by focusing on special attack, it would fully probing smuggling case, a batch of waste to root out a batch of waste smuggling gang, cut off a number of waste smuggling tunnels and chain, resolutely to "foreign garbage" intercept in the bay.

Operation, the customs will also jointly with the relevant localities and departments, carry out the anti-smuggling comprehensive work, under the local governments to organize and coordinate, and environmental protection, quality supervision, inspection and other relevant law enforcement departments to strengthen coordination, strict import solid wastes and follow-up supervision, to unlicensed unlicensed, illegal operations, storage "foreign garbage" store, dens, centrally clean-up.

So far this year, the national customs anti-smuggling department has been actively strengthening the case leads to roll out, deep management, expand the investigation, concentrate on the strength, and strike hard.

On February 3, the anti-smuggling bureau of the customs bureau of the general administration of customs of guangdong organized the first round of the anti-smuggling operation in shenzhen, tianjin, Harbin and Qingdao.

As of February 27, the national customs has seized 69 cases of smuggling of waste products this year, and verified more than 50,000 tons of waste.

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