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The Hot Cake On The Market -- The Real Life Paper.
Mar 16, 2018

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standard and material cultural level, people's life of paper demand gradually from the simple practicality to safety, functional, look and feel, and even fashion culture creativity and so on several aspects.
Color paper life is one of the more and more be favorred by the Chinese consumers varieties, its market share year after year rises high, is considered to be the future "green, healthy" life paper lead product.
Product standards
In China, the ministry of industry and information technology released the industry standard QB/ t4509-2013.
The standard paper defined the essence of life is to point to by 100% as native fiber pulp (by 100% native plant fiber as raw materials, produced by pulping process of unbleached pulp), which is used in the production of the daily life of all kinds of household paper, including the ecru color paper towels, tissue paper, paper, color towels, etc.
Relative to life the white paper, "ecru daily paper" standard regulation nature of raw materials should be used 100% native fiber pulp, and production process should not be adding dyes, pigments, poisonous and harmful chemicals should not be used fluorescent material testing is required;
In the aspect of paper brightness, the requirement is less than 55%;
In terms of softness, the paper requirement is no more than 220mN, which is less than 450mN.
Absorbent paper, single color towels horizontal absorption liquid height is 15 mm / 100 s, or single color toilet paper horizontal absorption liquid level or 20 mm / 100 s, the double layer or multilayer ecru life paper lateral fluid absorption high degree is 30 mm / 100 s or higher.
Production of raw materials
Natural paper fiber raw materials are generally classified into wood and non-wood.
Due to China's relative lack of wood resources, so the production quality life paper mostly use wheat straw, bamboo, bagasse, reeds, non wood fiber as raw materials, such as corn stalk pulping, without bleaching or only through mild bleaching, the original color, make pulp have remained relatively stable from the use of bleaching chemicals, from the source to avoid the adsorption of organic halide (AOX), relative environmental pulp bleaching process.
Mild bleach, is also the relative environmental protection of bleach (such as oxygen, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, enzymes, etc.) and bleaching methods (such as oxygen off lignin) to half bleached pulp processing, through methods such as mechanical relief make pulp fiber separation, reduce the residual lignin content in the pulp, make pulp light yellow hue is relatively stable and pleasing to the eye, which can be used directly to nature life paper production.

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