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The Country Asks To Reduce Paper Packing Dosage, Paper Company Should Go To?
Mar 29, 2018

Premier li keqiang has signed the state council order, which will take effect from May 1, 2018, to promulgation the provisional regulations on express delivery (hereinafter referred to as the "regulations").

Of article 8 chapters 48 of the regulations, with an emphasis on promoting the sustainable the sustainable development of the express industry, the regulation of a series of measures to guarantee the development of the industry system, which in the first chapter 9 points out: the state encourages the express delivery business, enterprise and the sender use biodegradable, reusable environmental protection packaging materials, encourage the express business enterprises take measures to recycle express packaging materials, recycled utilization and reuse of packaging materials.

"Green packaging" is a hot topic at the two sessions.

In the recent two sessions, "accelerate the green packaging applications, sustainable development" has become the two sessions on behalf of the hot topics, the CPPCC national committee, the national postal service, director-general of the department of general services Ma Xulin, deputy to the National People's Congress, suning holding group chairman zhang near east, the CPPCC national committee, tianjin QuanJian group chairman renesola beam etc. On behalf of the committee of "green packaging" views and Suggestions are put forward.

Ma Xulin suggest two points: one is to further promote the electric business enterprise adopt green packing and save use, suggested that business departments take the lead in reducing electricity for implementation of green packaging, packaging standard, extension and application of green packaging technology and materials, promote the express logistics packaging reduction;

Advocating green consumption on e-commerce platform, giving consumers green packaging choices, encouraging and guiding consumers to use green packaging in the form of integrated feedback.

The second is to use green packaging of e-commerce, express enterprises to give appropriate subsidies.

According to zhang's Suggestions, the national standard of green packaging and excessive packaging should be formulated as soon as possible, so as to specify the green packaging usage rate and recovery rate of express industry.

Set up the service standard of express transportation link, specify the damage rate of express package in circulation, and increase the secondary utilization rate;

Construction of packaging waste recovery system of express industry, clear safety, environmental protection, reliability, traceability and other requirements and technical standards;

To establish the exit mechanism of non-environmental packaging, and gradually realize the green color of the package.

Renesola beam Suggestions to develop paper products packaging, to speed up the technical renovation, the introduction of advanced technology, development of recycling, anti-pollution ability of large-scale paper-making enterprises, develop the artificial papermaking forest base, actively develop non wood fiber, continuous supply to ensure the stability of the papermaking fibrous materials.

At the same time, we should actively develop new products, such as pulp molded products, honeycomb cardboard and corrugated board, etc.

At the same time, we should improve the construction of laws and regulations, scientifically plan and establish a recycling system, and encourage enterprises to build a "public welfare" economy.

Supporting regulations have been issued successively.

The issue of express packaging has aroused wide public concern, and the state council and relevant departments attach great importance to it.

Under the state council issued the about several opinions to promote the development of express industry and the "about promoting the electronic commerce and the opinions of the express logistics synergy development, clear requirements" to promote green packaging, built in 2020 basic pratt & Whitney in urban and rural areas, advanced technology, high quality, safe and efficient service, delivery of services in the green energy-saving system ".

In November 2017, the national post office and the national development and reform commission, ministry of science and technology, ministry of industry and environmental protection, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and national standard committee of ten departments jointly issued "about. We express industry green packaging work instruction opinion", further optimize the top-level design, put forward to highlight innovation leading, strengthening the legal safeguard, strengthen the department coordination, promote the establishment of sound express delivery package management system with Chinese characteristics.

This year on February 6, the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and national standardization management committee has officially released the express package supplies series of national standards, standards including the Courier envelope, cases and bags of three parts.

The standard will be implemented as of September 1, 2018.

On the reduction of packaging materials, the new standard has made several requirements, among which the paper packaging industry is related to:

One is to reduce the requirement of the express envelope paper.

To reduce the amount of raw material from 250 grams and 300 grams per square meter to not less than 200 grams per square meter, the reduction is more than 20%.

2 it is to express double corrugated packing material choice is no longer make provision, on the premise of ensure the safety of express deliver, as long as the material conforms to burst, side pressure and puncture strength index, such as promoting low, application of high strength in the express industry raw materials.

The standard research unit also estimated the size of the business in 2017.

If the use of the package to meet the requirements of the new national standard is one percentage point higher than that, it can save 6,400 tons of paper products.

E-commerce led, the enterprise has begun to act.

Express package recycling, recycling, building green logistics has become the industry consensus.

At the first China e-commerce and logistics green packaging conference last year, companies such as jd.com, suning, xiaomi and sf began to show their companies' initiatives in green packaging.

For example, jingdong implements the supply chain packaging in the upstream of the joint supply chain by reducing packaging, promoting biodegradation and recycling packaging;

Millet USES water-soluble adhesive tape instead of scotch tape, and carries out recyclable packaging and simple packaging.

Shunfeng focuses on packaging standardization and so on.

Last month, the rookie joint alibaba public foundation, the Chinese environmental protection foundation, zhongtong, yuantong, shentong, everyday, forever, express, YunDa mainly express company jointly issued "China's green logistics development scheme", oriented to the whole society for green solutions.

"2018 public welfare fund will invest 10 million rookie green alliance, from lightweight, recycling, the innovation of logistics packaging alternative, etc, in the research and development of new materials, new technologies to increase investment, promote green packaging upgrade."

"Green action," the source said.

Recently, some neighborhood appeared in hangzhou, a yellow box in the middle is a glass door, design the inside row of shelves, more looks like the vending machine, but not to sell goods but recycling express box.

This is the Shared express box recycling station launched by suning, which is online in 13 cities such as hangzhou, mainly in the community, office buildings and business circles.

Paper enterprises should develop smoothly.

Faced with the new requirement of the country to express packaging industry, how should paper enterprises do?

Nowadays, the packing base paper for the new project have been springing up across the country, leading enterprises, small businesses are also, even outside the original industry enterprises poured in, according to the analysis of the consultancy, nearly two years to the wrapping of the production of new capacity could reach 10 million tons.

On the one hand, the state demands to reduce the amount of packaging materials. On the one hand, the packaging industry is trying to expand the capacity, so as a result, will it impact the safety of the industry?

For enterprises, development depends on the supply and demand of the market, as well as the policy of the country. In the short term, it is better to look at the long-term, to see the trend, and to develop better.

A very good example, after last year's double eleven, to solve the problem of the backlog of express boxes, Tmall has carried out recycling activities in a dozen cities around the country, namely "return box plan".

It is not only a simple recycling program, but also associated with the mountain eagle group (huanyu international), which recycles cartons into boxes.

Hawks paper and electricity business enterprise cooperation, in large electrical contractor "green packaging" of the whole supply chain, not only achieved good social benefits, but also increased the new paper recycling channel, also to promote the economic benefits of the very considerable.

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