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Sad Eucalyptus
Mar 20, 2018

A eucalyptus worker rides a motorcycle through a fallen eucalyptus tree.
Soon, these eucalyptus trees will be continuously transported to processing plants, and domestic and international demand for commodity trees will keep the species alive.
Fast-growing eucalyptus, occupied the village surrounding farmland, in 2017, guangdong eucalyptus wai village, local laws and regulations, across eucalyptus economic quick effect, can cut down harvest, 5-7 years alone under the drive of economic benefits, farmers choose the reservation continuously planting eucalypt.
In June, the southern guangdong dragon boat rain continued, the weather was humid and sultry.
A rainstorm has just passed in the village of dun in gaoming district, foshan city, guangdong province.
Yang minggao, 50, from yinjiang county, guizhou province, is cutting down eucalyptus trees planted in the fields.
In a field of overgrown weeds, a chainsaw rumbles: in less than 5 seconds, a eucalyptus tree falls.
Unlike in the past, this time they are cutting not timber, but less than five meters in height, and two years of eucalyptus, about five centimeters in diameter.
Quick braking after high speed planting.
In 1890, eucalyptus was introduced to China by the italians, and later in southern China as a major industrial raw material.
In 2003, the state policy made clear that "let go of the development of non-public forestry".
As a result, a large number of investors began to contract the rural collective woodland planting eucalyptus trees, the high growth period of guangdong eucalyptus plantation began.
According to the public information, since 2000, eucalyptus plantation in guangdong province has been planted into large-scale capital operation, and the backside of eucalyptus industry chain has been interlinked.
The contradiction between the logging of eucalyptus and the distribution of benefits has never ceased.
In order for eucalyptus to grow more rapidly, the original secondary forest that was cut down completely was the first step in the planting of eucalyptus trees, which directly led to the destruction of the natural landscape.
Eucalyptus, once beloved, is now the target of criticism.
In 2009, xinxing county, yunfu a forest were destroyed ready for planting eucalypt, the government was still struggle "species or not" dilemma, and how to grow, how to regulate and a series of problems need to solve.
Although farmers have doubts about eucalyptus trees, they see it as a "cash cow" and a "feng shui forest".
The most stringent restrictions on eucalyptus were introduced.
As a eucalyptus cut workers, Yang Minggao without culture, never watch the news, but all the year round living he knew deep in the mountains, a vigorous eucalyptus limited action is spread out around guangdong province.
His message came from his colleagues.
According to the public information, a total of 15367 acres of cultivated land and basic farmland were planted with euclitus trees, accounting for 4% of the total area of cultivated land and basic farmland.
Early in May, Yang Ming gao heard, brillant district, foshan city repel and farmland planting eucalypt rectification work meeting, requirements on July 31, farmers to cut down, clean up growth in his eucalyptus;
Those who do not clean up will be forcibly removed by relevant departments and strive to complete the remediation work by the end of this year.
The resolution was interpreted by the villagers as the most severe "eucalyptus order" in history.
In fact, this is not the first time Yang has met.
Before 2013, Yang Minggao eucalyptus forest in zengcheng, but in that year, guangzhou zengcheng municipal committee meeting examined and approved the "eucalyptus ban" of history's most severe city, the fast-growing fertility eucalyptus forest exit and modification plan: in five years, let the zengcheng 250000 mu of eucalyptus forest will disappear completely.
Yang minggao, with his wife, began to "fight" zhaoqing, heyuan, qingyuan, of course, to do the work of cutting eucalyptus trees.
But at the end of 2016, he took root of qingyuan city Buddha also introduced a strict management of eucalyptus measures, in communication with peers, he knew of shaoguan city, yunfu city, foshan city, such as on eucalyptus plantations, formulate local regulations.
In 2009, eucalyptus trees were profitable.
A group of merchants planting eucalyptus trees prepared to cut off firecrackers to celebrate, planting eucalyptus trees in foshan, costing about 600 yuan an acre.
A mu of forest land around the harvest 6-8 cubic meters of wood, now wood supply, paper thin wood price is about 300 yuan per ton, made of plywood thick wood price is about 650-700 yuan per cubic meter, kinds of eucalyptus for four years, but a profit of about 3000 yuan per mu.
Southwest of 2006, a large number of farmers in rural areas in guangdong, around 2000 guangdong introduced eucalyptus into the harvest period, a man cut eucalyptus tore down a day, can cut a mu of eucalyptus forest, earned income of 30 yuan.
The eucalyptus people come every three days and pull the wood away from the ground.
The remaining eucalyptus piles stay where they are, they will continue to sprout and grow, and a few years later, they will be a good tree.
In 2006, the scene of the felling of eucalyptus trees in the gaoshan district of foshan was full of ravines and ravines due to the lack of vegetation.
The workers' home was on the mountain, a makeshift tent in a canvas, with a bed and a trunk, all his possessions.
In December 2012, the demand for eucalyptus grew, and it seemed like a sunrise industry.
Where is the tree? Where are the people who cut the eucalyptus?
The people who cut the eucalyptus are mainly from the poor areas of southwest China. They came to guangdong in the early 1990s, and started from the strict factory, and gradually entered into the industry, which is stable and relatively free.
Tian jianxuan, 40, a native of sinan county, guizhou province, is also a veteran of cutting eucalyptus, and the couple have lived in guangdong province for more than 10 years.
For the first time, he felt the government's determination to limit eucalyptus trees.
"There are so many eucalyptus trees in guangdong."
Tian put out his hand that was dyed black by eucalyptus trees.
In the Ming town, where he worked, he looked around, and there were all kinds of eucalyptus trees, and this single planting led to a thousand hills.
Under the eucalyptus trees of some villages, there are small wood processing plants built by villagers, and the newly cut eucalyptus trees are gradually turning into thin sheets.
The mountain was completely cut down, and it was just burned, and a new round of planting was about to begin.
These images often give the viewer a sense of trance, as if he were in a logging district in the north.
Since 2017, tian and his wife have been getting up in the early hours of the morning before returning to their temporary residence.
Cut eucalyptus hours are not fixed, with their arrangement, the job is to work more, iron after governance of eucalyptus brillant district, they had no lazy reason, every two or three "business".
On June 20, 2017, after all the trees were cut down in the Ming town of gaoming district, foshan city, the original appearance of the basic farmland protection area was revealed.
Cut the workers working in eucalyptus forest, eucalyptus from guangdong province, on eucalyptus planted firmly, the execution of the punishment of being interpreted as a folk history the most severe "eucalyptus limit, but the limit of eucalyptus is still a long way.
In 2017, under the policy of eucalyptus, the seedlings of eucalyptus trees still thrive.
The rapid economic characteristics of cutting propagation are the main means of eucalyptus development and widespread promotion.
The trade-off of the pros and cons.
On June 22, wu bo, a villager, had hired a man to cut eucalyptus trees planted in his field for half a day.
He complained that the government had given too little time, and that his family had not been able to find a new plan after the deforestation.
"After all these years of planting, the villagers have discovered that eucalyptus is really not a good thing, and now the market price is not as good as growing food."
For the pros and cons of eucalyptus, the government is generally believed that: eucalyptus shall too, excessive fertilization, intensive management is not scientific management measures, such as easy to cause ecological problems such as soil erosion, soil degradation.
"The smart district is greatly reducing the profit margins of the eucalyptus industry chain, and making it a place where there is no room for improvement," the minister of propaganda, guan xue, told nandu.
We should vigorously promote the forest trees suitable for planting in China, and gradually form alternative forest products that can benefit the planting operators and provide good ecological environment.
Eucalyptus has become the public enemy of the garden landscape, and must be determined to resolve it forcefully!
About poisonous eucalyptus, the reporter interviewed deputy dean Li Xiaochuan, guangdong academy of agricultural sciences, "Lin never participate in this debate, the debate is you in the debate, we never argue.
Because the core of the problem is not the tree.
The problem of eucalyptus is the question of layout and structure. Why is the layout and structure unreasonable?
It is because everyone is pursuing short-term economic benefits, maximization of the economy and maximization of interests, which highlights this problem.
In 2012, the city's emerging, eucalyptus trees were cut down in the mountains, and the wives of two people who cut the eucalyptus were washing their clothes in a small pit.
The fast-growing eucalyptus grew rapidly and the demand for water was so great that the water near the eucalyptus tree dried up quickly.
"You've planted eucalyptus trees and they've cracked."
Wu shengjun, from yunnan province, said he has been cutting eucalyptus trees around guangdong for nearly four years and is used to living on eucalyptus trees without water.
A contractor for the forestry farm told reporters that a worker wanted to drill a well in the mountains for water, until he reached six meters underground.
In 2013, a teenager was making a semi-finished product in a sun-cured eucalyptus tree, and many eucalyptus merchants continued to dig up the commercial value of eucalyptus trees.
This year, the guangzhou city of zengcheng announced that the tree planting activity and the rapid growth forest (eucalyptus) exit project started.
Zengcheng city government said the eucalyptus forests of the destruction of the vegetation, water damage, ecological damage is very serious, the zengcheng eucalyptus forest of about 250000 mu, the city plans to use three to five years to make all eucalyptus forest out of zengcheng.
On June 9, 2017, brillant district more close the curtain village, in the limit of eucalyptus policies, many villagers rushed to cut not timber grown in basic farmland protection areas of eucalyptus, this did not become useful eucalyptus can only get 200 yuan a cubic, become useful after at least can sell for 600 yuan a cubic.
From July 31 eucalyptus rectification of getting closer and closer to the time limit, a basic farmland protection areas in eucalyptus trees cut down, and broadcasting Yang Minggao, ediart information of his peers, "business" is more and more big, many people around the cut eucalyptus smell business opportunities, also began to enter the industry, with the road in the country, stacked everywhere piles have been cut down growth of eucalyptus, due to the large planting area, eucalyptus prices had plummeted.
Mr. Tian, who works more than 12 hours a day, feels that there will be fewer jobs for him in guangdong, where he is ruled by an iron hand.
He discussed with his wife and worked hard to finish the summer, earning more money to go back to his hometown in guizhou province and continue to cut down trees.
On June 20, 2017, after all the trees were cut down, the irrigation canal of rice was exposed and the original nature of the basic farmland protected area could be seen.

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