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Paper Mills Will Be Less And Less, How Will The Packaging Station Develop?
Apr 09, 2018

The number of paper factories in our country is decreasing!

With the continuous improvement of production capacity, supply-side reform and other policies, the environmental protection policy continues to tighten.

The paper industry will focus on eliminating backward production capacity, and the new capacity in 2018 will mainly come from large factories, and the industry concentration is expected to be further improved.

So what does this do to the packaging station?

There are fewer and fewer paper factories!

In 2018, everyone is saying that the paper factory is making money, which is generally profitable, and is optimistic about the development of the paper industry.

But is it really the case?

And if you look at the profitability of the big paper mills we see, yes, everybody is making money.

But that's not the case. Many unlisted paper mills don't publish their financial reports, which leaves many of us ignoring the real existence of small paper mills.

The actual data tell us: big paper factory is making money, but paper factory is less and less!

Since 2012, the growth of national paper and paperboard production and consumption has gradually slowed down.

The number of industrial enterprises above the scale of paper and paper industry is declining.

Paper and paper products in China in 2012 number above designated size industrial enterprises with 7128, 2013 to 7063, reduced to 6822, 2014, 2015 to 6798, rapid decline in 2016 to 6586, more than 2017 area small mill of outlaw, mill population continues to decline.

We have to admit the fact that the paper mill is less and less.

Why are there fewer and fewer paper mills?

This is related to the high concentration of paper industry!

In short, the paper mills that rank in the top of the paper industry make up most of the capacity of the paper market.

According to relevant data show that the range of the top 4 papermaking enterprise production accounted for the proportion of the national total output can increase year by year, from 2012 to 2012, the percentage increased to 24.83% from 20.74%, nearly a quarter of the total capacity of up to.

At present, China's papermaking enterprises before 100 paper mills production accounted for about 60% of the country's total capacity, capacity and papermaking industry continue to eliminate space, continuously eliminate backward production capacity and is the inevitable requirement of industry intensive, large-scale development trend.

As the 2017 environmental protection limit production increased, the papermaking industry blowdown licence issued by the completed, must be the holder of production, paper mills will increase environmental investment, cost rise further, combined with the present stage leading enterprises have advantages outside waste paper, the increase of self-provided power plant constraint restricts the small and medium-sized enterprise expansion capacity, good large paper mills, small to less profitable ones will be under pressure from environmental protection, such as multiple exit the market, the restructuring of the industry as a whole, make the existing capacity utilization rate of ascension is the big trend of paper industry in the next couple of years.

With the withdrawal of small and medium capacity, the new capacity is mainly the leading paper industry, so the market share of the leading paper enterprises will be concentrated and expanded in the future.

What we should see is the strength of the big paper factory!

What are the challenges of future packaging?

With fewer and fewer paper mills and more and more powerful paper mills, the future development of packaging stations faces two major problems.

The first is the competition of the packaging stations built by the paper mill;

The second is how to standardize development.

The paper factory will set up its own packaging station, we must be aware that the paper factory will establish its own packaging station.

The reality of the present situation is already so, in fact, everyone knows the current part of the big paper factory has its own packing station, but the big mill it as a receiving port, or an inventory point to run, little direct contact with the upstream of the waste paper recycling.

However, with the development of the big paper mill, to effectively control the cost and guarantee the supply of raw materials, it is a trend to establish a packing station which belongs to the paper factory.

For example, in March 2018, a paper factory in jiangsu sent a number of suppliers to the packaging station of their subordinates and stirred up a small wave in the industry. Those who have experienced it should not forget it.

Mill cannot occupy the whole industry chain, of course, you will not soon be squeezed, he also need many packaging station to help his recovery of the upstream raw materials, but the problem no one can escape the standardization development.

This normalization refers to the paper factory's standard for recycling waste paper.

Everyone has a delivery to the paper factory, because the buckle point seriously makes a car of paper do not earn money experience.

So in the future, when big paper mills become more and more powerful, it will become more and more clear about the points and doping requirements.

The packing station is in the water control, the yellow sheet paper content, the packing request and so on must be subject to the paper factory requirements.

Because paper mills are less and less, big paper mills are becoming more and more powerful, and the packaging stations will tend to be centralized, and the packaging stations will have to follow the rules of the paper mill.

To some extent, this is a good development for those who are committed to doing business and are determined to make waste paper recycling as a career.

But for some, this is another story.

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