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A Rise In Toilet Paper, The Cause Of A Global Trade War!
Mar 19, 2018

Recently, the chaos of toilet paper caused by the price hike is actually reflecting the fact that the global paper industry is producing and marketing competition, and the culprit is the global trade war!
In particular, over the past 10 years, the paper industry in Taiwan has changed over time, and the paper factory has focused on the high growth and the price of good paper, and sold off to emerging markets such as mainland China and Vietnam.
In contrast, domestic paper and market shrinkage of domestic paper and paper are in a bitter battle, and they have to deal with the checks and balances of cheap imports, which is a dilemma.
In 2017, the import of pulp and pulp for papermaking raw materials is more than three times that of domestic production and a record high.
Papermaking industry association, said the pulp imports account for around 7 of domestic consumption, and jing jing international pulp price rises high, long fiber pulp price of $932.5 a tonne, recently a 6 and a half years since high (record before appeared in the June 2011 us $1040) per ton, is the most important on the basis of the wave of toilet paper prices.
Taiwan pulp imports for the first 3 by Chile, Brazil, Canada, Canadian forest fire in July last year, affecting the pulp supply, then there is the Brazilian pulp plant boiler exploded, affecting the pulp supply, also let the pulp prices, burn out Taiwan paper production and marketing.
Taiwan's industrial paper has been actively exported in recent years, mainly in China, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries. Recently, 28 industrial papers have been raised in mainland China, and relevant Taiwan factories have also benefited.
But the factory to the Asian cup, the competitiveness still be unequal tariffs, pending government opened the regional multilateral or bilateral mutually beneficial cooperation, seemingly simple piece of paper is written is a global trade war.
According to the Taiwan papermaking industrial board of trade statistics, at present all kinds of manufacturers, 77, specializing in the production of paper manufacturers about 45, manufacturer of toilet paper around 20, in addition to sinopac, was big, mostly small and medium-sized companies, as the market changes, paper mills in recent five years the domestic factory for about two.
As for work paper specialized manufacturer about 14, there is a trend of Evergrande.
Dynamic growth and decline of the quantity of domestic paper also suggests that the global market, according to the papermaking association in 2017, production and sales, Taiwan back above 10 years high output 4.027 million tons, 4.164 million tons of total domestic consumption is the lowest in nearly 10 years, including culture paper production, household paper is flat, headed by cardboard paper is 5% growth, not only those electricity high growth industry, also exported to maintain growth momentum, maximum within 10 years.
At the same time, paper and cardboard production, domestic consumers are disproportionately, family, led by toilet paper, paper production proportion was only 22.4%, 77.6% of the working paper board production, paper and cardboard consumption rate is 42.6%, 57.4%.
Facing the domestic consumer market mature, media, publishing market atrophy, Taiwan paper, paper factory, production didn't increase, not only within big minus 15%, make home of imported paper also have an opportunity, a 6.4% increase in 2017。

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