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How Will China's Express Delivery Industry Transform And Upgrade?
Mar 23, 2018

On September 26, 2017, express People's Daily, this paper points out the problems in the packing problems such as serious waste and pollution, urged the express industry transformation development, at present serious pollution of the express industry is a wake-up call.
With the rapid development of electronic commerce in our country, the express industry rise and play a important role in supporting the development of electronic commerce, express transport links into online shopping satisfaction is an important measure.
Online shopping involves the buyers, sellers and express company, responsibility cannot distinguish between sex makes all the merchants simply rely on increasing the practice of packing materials and filler such as low cost, to ensure the integrity of the goods in transit and satisfaction of online shopping.
The increasing scale of online shopping, excessive packaging and the pollution of packaging materials pose a great threat to the environment.
In the context of deepening the development of e-commerce, the development of express green and light industry is highly regarded by the state and relevant enterprises, and the transformation and upgrading of the future express industry is of great concern.
The current situation of the market: e-commerce is booming, and over-packaging of express delivery leads to deep thinking.
According to statistics, in 2016, China's express business volume was 3.35 billion pieces, with a total of 3.2 billion woven bags, 6.8 billion plastic bags, 3.7 billion packaging boxes and 330 million tapes.
Under the influence of industry control cost, delivery in plastic packaging is inferior of non-biodegradable plastic products more, its ingredients and quantity has serious impact on the environment, from all levels of government, electric business platform to enact special delivery, express delivery companies and consumers all Angle packaging transformation, gradually promote the industry to "light-duty" and "green" in the direction of development.
National level: government and related departments formulate rigid standards and strengthen supervision.
Express excessive packaging and packaging waste problem need from national law, the government and related departments to formulate corresponding policies and measures, strictly regulate the rigid standards, strengthen the legal constraints of excessive packaging industry and restriction.
In August 2016, the implementation plan of green packaging for express delivery industry was introduced to encourage the development of green packaging and reduction, which provided the policy direction for the transformation of the express industry.
Since 2016, the government and related departments have formulated strict constraint standards on the development of express logistics industry, providing policy guarantee for the transformation and upgrading of express enterprises.
Although the government has been actively involved in the development of relevant policies, there is no clear policy on the strict specification of express packaging.
The future, the state and relevant departments should further improve the policy system, from the perspective of the consumer, platform, company and regulatory department set up perfect legal system, the constraint express excessive packaging, to provide policy guarantee for the development of green logistics, to promote logistics extensive development mode, encourage governments at all levels of different node set express classification recycling station, to express packaging recycling feasibility of the scheme.
Enterprise level: platform company actively layout, explore green reduction measures.
At the back of the policy constraint, we should encourage the platform companies to find solutions to the problems such as excessive packaging and packaging pollution, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry.
At the enterprise level, e-commerce platforms and logistics companies are involved. Under the promotion of national policies, e-commerce platforms and logistics enterprises accelerate the layout and actively explore the new development mode of express packaging.
The e-commerce platform encourages the use of green packaging to deliver express delivery, and choose the appropriate packing boxes to avoid excessive packaging and waste, and increase the recycling of packaging materials.
The logistics company standardizes the sorting behavior of couriers, and gradually promotes the automatic development of express logistics, to a certain extent, alleviates the phenomenon of the barbaric sorting of express parcels.
Terminal level: consumers change consciousness, let garbage collection fall to the real place.
Under the government policy and platform companies actively promote consumers as terminal level of practitioners and promote party, should actively practice express package "green", "light-duty" development philosophy, to implement the transformation of industry development.
In the field of terminal consumption consumers should promote each other with Taiwan side, expanding propaganda, changing the concept of consumer, consciously classifying packing materials processing, actively cooperate with the express of packaging is sent is closed, increase the recovery rate.
In the future, it will be beneficial to promote the transformation and upgrading of express delivery industry by actively promoting the package reduction and green development of express packages.

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