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How To Deal With Defective Products In Carton Production?
Mar 26, 2018

In actual production, the production of defective products often reflects the omission of management.
If we don't pay attention to some details, and let it go, the problem of bad products will not be solved very well.
By changing the management method, we can control the defective products with the guiding ideology of lean production, realize the core viewpoint of lean, and reduce the waste to the lowest, and the defective rate can be effectively controlled.
The measures to control the production and disposal of defective products are summarized as follows.
First of all, we will never let the defective products be simplified.
When there are bad products in production, the traditional practice is to rework or scrap the unqualified products by the operators, so as to deal with the symptoms and symptoms, similar problems will appear again and again.
Management level to meet a bad product will higher a cardboard-box factory and find out its reason, on-site staff to carry on analysis, find out the causes of each defective product, and put forward the corresponding corrective measures, for the reason at the same time for the record, and establish a perfect defective product record.
The production practice shows that this kind of measures can serve as a good warning function, and the second can form an incentive mechanism in the field operation personnel, and greatly reduce the defective rate of products.
Second, the abnormal condition should be handled urgently in the production, and the defective products are killed in the "cradle".
In the process of production of cartons, workers are required to take the initiative to report to their superiors and take emergency measures as soon as possible when abnormal conditions are found.
For example, if necessary, emergency shutdown can be carried out, and all technical forces present at the time will be summoned to deal with the problem quickly and formulate practical and feasible measures to prevent recurrence.
The purpose of emergency treatment is not only to ensure that a defective product is not missed in the production site, but also to eliminate the quality hidden dangers in the production process.
Then, realize 100% self-check of the operator.
Will test activities as an independent jobs that don't add any additional value, later found that bad product is not the most effective ways to reduce the waste, ensure the products meet the specified requirements and necessary conditions, so as part of the process operation control must ask the operator to implement full inspection.
Therefore, the inspector's duty is not to check out the unqualified products, but to eliminate the unqualified products completely.
Finally, perform the standardized work.
Most highly managed paper boxes have established standardized operating systems through their own experience or with the help of consulting firms.
Standard work with on-site non-conforming as a starting point, when wi to make standard working process, as measurable as possible, so that the effective control of quality, make the operator operation rule, on a regular basis, control will not yield to the minimum, eliminate waste.
It is important to note that the key to standardization is execution.

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