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Customer Misunderstanding The Performance Of Paper Shelves!
Jan 12, 2018

Admittedly, paper shelves have the advantage of great economic convenience, but that is built on the premise of a large amount, that is, a single order is relatively large, the unit price is very cheap. If the number is small, such as dozens of shelves, the price advantage of paper shelves gone, compared to the price advantage of iron shelves and wooden shelves no, which is why? Because of the production of paper shelves, the need for printing technology, printing process requires a film, ps board, boot fees, such as a traditional floor-type paper shelves, the first card, left and right side panels, bottom box divided into four pages printed on the machine, Not less than 3,000 yuan. There are mold costs are not less than 2,000 yuan, these add up, if the production of 20, not artificial labor costs, the cost of light will be allocated 250 yuan a set of mold costs, if combined with manual labor, packaging, etc., a set of down But also about 300-400, while the same size of the iron display stand about the price of 200-300, so do not understand the production process of the customer, will be called up, how the paper shelf is not expensive iron shelves?

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