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China Has Revised The Standard Of Foreign Garbage To Control Its Quality, For Example, It Is Forbidden To Mix Paper In The Waste Paper.
Apr 14, 2018

Recently, the environmental protection in conjunction with the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine jointly issued the "import of solid waste as raw materials) environmental protection control standard - smelting slag, etc. 11 national environmental protection standards.

The new standard will be implemented as of March 1, 2018.

In order to thoroughly understand the revised background, main content and implementation of this series of standards, the director of soil environmental management division of the department of environmental protection has been interviewed by the reporter.

Q: why do we need to revise the import waste environmental protection control standards?

A: the current control standards were first published in 1996 and were first revised in 2005.

Over the years, the implementation of the standards to strengthen the import of solid waste environmental management, guard against imports of waste and the inclusion of the environmental pollution risk, build and maintain solid waste import play an important role in the normal trade order.

In recent years with the rapid development of China's economic and social, the import of solid waste to the environment risk, the current loop control standards control requirements have been unable to adapt to and meet the new situation and new requirements of the current environment.

The background and necessity of this standard revision are:

First, the need for reform of the import management system of solid waste.

It is necessary to build a beautiful China and protect the health of the people.

On April 18, the CPC central committee and state council attaches great importance to, 34 central comprehensively deepen reform leading group meetings, reviewed and adopted the convention on the prohibition in the garbage entry promote the reform of solid waste import management system implementation plan ".

On July 18, the state council general office formally issued the ban on imports of foreign garbage entry promote the solid waste management system reform implementation plan "(countries do hair [2017] no. 70, hereinafter referred to as the" implementation plan "), further strict standards, revised the import of solid waste as raw materials is environmental protection control standard ", yan entrainment control indicators.

The ministry of environmental protection revised the standards for the control of environmental protection of solid waste for imported materials.

The second is the need to effectively reduce the risk of environmental pollution from imported waste.

According to statistics, since 2013, the customs anti-smuggling department has seized 338 cases of smuggling of foreign garbage, such as false reports and traps, and verified the waste of 1.25 million tons.

About 46.58 million tons of solid waste were imported in 2016, and the main categories of imported waste were waste paper, waste plastics and scrap metal, accounting for 88.9%.

In accordance with the requirements for inclusion content in the current environmental control standard, the amount of the above three kinds of imported solid wastes inclusion of nearly 600000 tons, and basic it is need not use waste harmless disposal, severe crowding out the limited environmental capacity in our country, its disposal is a serious threat to our country's ecological environment security.

A large number of unqualified solid waste, smuggling case shows that the imported wastes imported wastes not only lead to environmental pollution risk is becoming more and more serious, and the risk of harm people's health, has a bad social influence, it is necessary to formulate strict environment protection standards to control them.

Q: what does the new standard contain?

Answer: the current environmental control standards with a total of 13 (GB16487.1 -- GB16487.13-2005), waste materials, smelting slag, respectively, including bone, wood, wood waste, waste paper or cardboard, fiber, iron and steel scrap, scrap non-ferrous metals, waste motor, waste scrap wire and cable, hardware appliances, to remove the ship and other floating structure, waste plastics, scrap car parts, various standard control is the focus of the inclusions and radioactive pollution.

According to the latest adjustment of the import waste catalogue, the revised standard covers 11 standards for all currently licensed solid wastes;

At the same time, to abolish the two standards that have been explicitly banned in 2009 for the importation of bone waste, and to ban the import of waste fibers at the end of 2017.

Therefore, this revision is actually 11 criteria.

Q: what are the key points of the standard revision?

A :(1) highly value the radioactive pollution control of imported waste.

The new standard reserves the requirement of radioactivity control in 2005 standard, and increases the requirement of external irradiation through radiation dose rate, which is beneficial to port inspection operation.

(2) strict control of hazardous wastes in imported waste.

To the existing standards for hazardous waste control requirements of imported waste consolidated, clear of "the national hazardous waste list" listed in the type of waste and hazardous waste identification method and standard to identify hazardous waste, control requirements set at 0.01%, more concise and operable.

(3) inclusion indicators of non-hazardous waste in imported waste.

, according to the principle of classification don't add weiwei, combining research, identify the case, statistics, international practice, each unit feedback and current import waste using the actual market demand and comprehensive analysis of various kinds of imported waste pollution of the environment risk control situation, in addition to plastic, remove the ship and other floating structure in the standard of general inclusions indicators remain unchanged, will scrap non-ferrous metals in the standard general inclusion control index is 1.0%, general inclusions in other standard limit of 0.5%.

(4) properly control the quality requirements of waste products.

The revised standards are appropriate to consider the quality of the waste.

For example, waste paper in the standard of strict limits were burned or partly burned with waste paper and extinguishing agent pollution of waste paper, scrap non-ferrous metals and iron and steel scrap in two standard to control containing the proportion of powder material, imported waste recyclable metal content in metal electrical by no less than scrap metal appliances increased from 60% to 80% of the total weight and so on, different standard requires each are not identical.

(5) increase the requirements for inspection principles.

In addition to the ships and other floating structure standards for disassembly, the other 10 standards will add one inspection principle requirement to the inspection section, and solve the problem of random sampling and laboratory testing at ports.

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