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By The End Of This Year, The Country Will Add 24.4 Million Tons Of Paper Capacity.
Apr 24, 2018

Corrugated box paper (including corrugated paper and carton board) production capacity added 21.1 million tons, the whole country will add new paper capacity 24.4 million tons!

This is according to June 2017, the national federation of industry and commerce of the paper industry in the media public report and paper enterprises public announcement of the new paper production capacity information inventory.

Nine dragons will launch 3.25 million tons of new capacity in quanzhou, chongqing, hebei, shenyang and dongguan in the next two years.

In the new century, 800,000 tons of high-grade corrugated paper and 110,000 tons of packaging paperboard, etc., are now being advanced in the construction of 800,000 tons of high-grade corrugated paper.

Pu tan industrial park locates the biological industry and high-end chemical industry, and pucheng county dexing recycling paper co., LTD. Started construction in October last year.

The project will be built in two phases, with a total investment of 320 million yuan. It will be able to produce 200,000 tons of recycled paper annually with a production value of 600 million yuan.

After the huazhong eagle paper project, 2.2 million tons of papermaking projects in hubei public security are progressing smoothly.

A second phase of the base is expected to be completed in early 2019, with a new capacity of 1.27 million tons, while the 449, 000 tons of projects in central China are also under construction.

Sun paper production project is more, is currently actively promote this three projects, including 200000 tons of high-grade specialty paper projects, 300000 tons of chemical pulp, Laos zoucheng city projects, 800000 tons of liner plate paper reconstruction and its supporting projects, are steadily push forward according to the project plan.

Zhejiang and carry forward green paper co., LTD., with annual capacity of 200000 tons of corrugated base paper projects, a total investment of 400 million yuan, of which 300 million yuan investment in fixed assets, liquidity is 100 million yuan, the project total construction area of 32300 square meters, with a total land area of 40020 square meters.

The whole project is expected to be completed and put into operation in October 2018.

Wrapping paper industry may once again face the situation of supply and demand imbalance, because according to according to the related research institutes, wrapping paper demand is about 60 million tons per year in China, the new capacity of 5.17 million tons, 2017 base paper packaging industry in 2018, plan on the production capacity of more than 10 million tons, the future market, let's continue to focus on.

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