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The benefits of paper shelves
Jan 12, 2018

1, the appearance of paper display can be color printing, is an excellent advertising carrier;

2, paper display stand all (or mainly) by the printing paper and high hardness cardboard, enough to carry promotional goods, and meet stringent environmental requirements;

3, for a variety of large-scale promotional activities, stores, shopping malls, exhibitions, patterns, colors, shapes and designs can be free and innovative, excellent publicity effect;

4, light weight, can be flattened stacked, save shipping logistics costs, can be used repeatedly;

5, the economy and extremely practical, vendors use is completed, as a result of product appearance and other factors to improve the design, disposal of recycling convenience;

6, according to the requirements of customers and carrying materials to choose different paper material match, with other materials (metal, wood, plastic, etc.) to form a mixed structure display;

7, to facilitate the delivery of suppliers from the place of origin shipped directly to the final point of sale packaging sales, saving the cost of repeated stacking assembly.

Paper display shelves, paper shelves, paper display stands with high economic value, for any business forms of business establishments, have to attract customers, the role of promotional goods.

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