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Paper shelves of the production process
Jan 12, 2018

1.Design: Design of paper shelf (paper display shelf) The designer is familiar with the 3D structure work, and the bearing capacity and space area of the paper shelf (paper display shelf) should be calculated considering the weight and volume of the goods.

2, a sample: paper shelves (paper display) generally used without printing corrugated material. According to the design structure data input computer cutting prototype, cutting machine according to the requirements of the structure of the indentation strength and depth of half-knife, without printing corrugated paper to make a standard flat paper shelf (paper display rack), the designer with glue and paste Other processing technology, made out of the template and design structure can be consistent with the next step.

3, printing: According to the paper shelf (paper display rack) model of the flat design draft, a film on the printing press.

4, after the process: printing color paper over plastic, laminating (printing paper + corrugated), over the oil, indentation.

5, Packaging: Semi-finished paper shelves (paper display stand) for assembly, reinforcement, reloading finished products.

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