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Paper hook display stand shopping skills
Aug 17, 2018

There are many types of display stands, and companies must consider the characteristics of each type of promotional display stand when customizing the display stand for the product. The hook-type hollow board display rack allows the product to stand up, and it looks more three-dimensional, so that customers can understand the information of the products on the hollow board display rack at a glance. When choosing the hook, choose the appropriate weight according to the total weight of the product.

The hook can be divided into plastic and metal. If the product is light, the plastic can be selected. The plastic hook has a weak point and the tail end is weak and can not carry the product, but the cost is low. Plastic hooks are suitable for the display and promotion of light products such as various food retails. There are many types of metal hooking feet. Not all metal hooks are suitable for use in hollow board display racks. The hooking feet are suitable for the large area of the hollow sheet, and the hollow board is made up with a small tip. Breaking the effect of beauty.


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