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How to adapt to the new changes in the market of paper shelves
Jan 12, 2018

The application of technology: paper shelves are made of paper, which is the same as the design principle of the box is just a little different from the structure above, this one printer, carton factory, advertising companies can produce. But to do a good job of paper shelves far more than the design of the packaging level, the need for more professional level.

Homogenized Applications: Paper shelf products are customized according to customer requirements, in terms of design can not specifically specify which style is produced by the paper shelf manufacturers, so that the material used is the same, more and more manufacturers, with the same The worse the quality of the situation.

The perfect design of the application: In the design taking into account the diversification of user needs, should be based on the conventional design more reasonable to stand on a consumer angle to think about the problem in order to design a more coordinated, more beautiful and more perfect product In order to achieve the highest promotional display effect.

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