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Cosmetics use paper display stand what are the advantages?
Jan 12, 2018

1, Green: The paper display rack is in line with the requirements of the international environmental protection organizations. It is a green product, and the discarded paper display rack can be recycled and reused through recycling. The international trend, import and export exemption, The concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, therefore, the use of paper display stand cosmetics meet the needs of the development of the times.

2, advertising: paper display advertising value. If marketing is a language art! Then use the media to spread the message, that is the visual arts! The most intuitive medium for visual communication to consumers is the POP advertising tool - a paper display stand. The surface of the paper display can be designed in line with cosmetics copyrights and advertising slogans, printed on the paper display stand looks beautiful, highlight the charm of cosmetics, play a bee target, that is, the effectiveness of POP advertising. The publicity of the paper display stand can be made in the terminal cosmetics brand, improve corporate image, and to create high sales.

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