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Corrugated paper display stand will become an indispensable advertising carrier for the terminal sales market
Jul 23, 2018

At present, supermarkets and supermarkets that have rapidly developed and developed rapidly have spread all over China's primary and secondary city markets, and occupy the third- and fourth-tier urban markets in some coastal areas, becoming the main terminal sales market. With people's life rhythm getting faster and faster and forming a "one-stop" shopping habit, supermarket hypermarkets have provided a large number of high-quality and low-priced goods and a good shopping environment for consumers with their large-scale operation advantages. Established a dominant position in the sales of commodity goods.

The supermarket uses a corrugated display stand to achieve the following objectives:

Forming a market momentum, because corrugated paper display stands are often used in large quantities, it can form a huge propaganda shock wave in the entire store; to realize psychological suggestion, the corrugated display stands are often repeated in the same store because of their simple and light features, so they often give people A psychological suggestion for firmly occupying the market; strengthen communication and interaction, the corrugated paper display stand has a simple and bright form, is simple and eye-catching in design, has visual communication effect, and its shape and text are easy to understand, easy to read, interesting and A better intuitive aesthetic effect, therefore, the corrugated display stands to show good affinity, and therefore to fully and comprehensively communicate with customers.

The corrugated paper display stand will be an indispensable advertising carrier for the terminal sales market, and its domestic development prospects are very optimistic.

Although the corrugated paper display frame is still in the development stage in China, with the rapid development of the modern commodity retail industry and the increasing global environmental protection voice, the market for corrugated paper display stands will become larger and larger. Nowadays, more and more paper packaging companies regard it as a new economic growth point and increase investment in manpower, material resources and financial resources. Some experts predict that in the next few years, the corrugated display stand will usher in the spring of development, and it may become another major category of packaging products in addition to corrugated boxes.


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